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Health & Safety

Student-to-Teacher Ratios

At Country Crossings, our student-to-teacher ratios ensure that each child receives personal attention and loving care. Staff members use multiple forms of parent communication to keep you informed about your child's life at school, and special events provide additional opportunities for your involvement in school-wide activities. The kitchen staff provides well-balanced, nutritional meals and snacks, including an additional late-afternoon snack.

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Keeping Our Children Safe: Our Top Priority

Country Crossings implements the highest standards of safety and security. We review and update our rigorous Health and Safety policies and procedures regularly to ensure that we daily enforce the most up-to-date quality standards. Here are just a few of the many ways we protect your child:

• Our Health Practices • Controlled Access to Our Schools • Playground Safety

Our Health Practices

Cleanliness: In every age group, teachers follow strict standards to maintain a sanitary environment. These standards include regularly washing and disinfecting hands (of both staff and children), toys, cribs, mattresses, sheets, blankets, cots, and equipment.

Food Handling: Our Health and Safety policies include detailed procedures for preparing, handling, and storing food. Safe bottle-warming procedures, instructions for receiving and storing food items for infants, and our practice of using plastic bottles and paper/plastic products enhance classroom safety for all ages. We also post an up-to-date allergy list in our kitchen and your child's classroom.

Controlled Access to Our Schools

Front Door Code System: The front doors of our schools are locked at all times and may be accessed only by entering a code.

Daily Sign-in: Each child is signed in and out on a daily basis and is only released to those individuals whom parents have authorized in writing on the enrollment application to pick up their child.

Playground Safety

Fun Exploration with an Emphasis on Safety: Each playground is considered an extension of the classroom and is supervised daily prior to entering the playground. Supervision is important, and training for supervision of children is thorough to ensure children are safe and secure while climbing, sliding, and exploring on the playground. No child is left alone for any reason.

Maintenance Standards: All Country Crossings playgrounds are fenced and meet the U.S Safety Guidelines.

Monthly Inspection & Maintenance: To ensure optimum safety of our equipment and to minimize potential safety hazards on the ground, we conduct a thorough monthly inspection using a safety inspection checklist.

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